The Benefits Of SSL Certificates


Secure socket layer certificates or SSL certificates is an important security for all online e-commerce websites that accepts payments. In order to gain the confidence of customers, you will need to install this feature on your site. SSL certificates offer various benefits to visiting customers and to you, the business owner. This article will highlight some of SSL certificates most important benefits.

Security through server authentication

SSL certificates will make it very, very difficult for and even impossible for Internet fraudsters to use your server or replicate it. A server is where all details and information about your website are kept online. Your server will need a digital certificate which will be provided when you purchase an SSL certificate. These digital certificates are proofs or guarantees that the server is authenticated. Digital certificates are acquired from Certificate Authorities, trusted third parties that ensure the encryption of your site. Having an SSL certificate will make you and your customers feel safe. Click here for godaddy ssl coupon – save 30% off ssl certificates!

Security by keeping communications private

One of the functions of SSL certificates is that it ensures the privacy and security of transactions and communications done on your website. SSL certificates encrypt the data used on your website so that it become pieces of unreadable information, including bank account, debit or credit card information and PayPal information. After encryption of the information, SSL certificates add random digits or characters to make it more impossible to read or decipher. If the information was intercepted by fraudsters, the information will be deemed useless. As the website owner, you will have an encryption key that will decode the mass of digits and characters.

Security = Customer confidence

In order to become successful with your online business, you need to gain the confidence of your customers. This is the main reason why you should have an SSL certificate on your website. Many customers are hesitant to transact online due to safety and security reasons, but you can gain their confidence when they see that you take personal information security very seriously. Placing a certificate icon on your website as well as on the terms and conditions page is an easy way for customers to determine that your site is secure. You can increase your company and business profitability by investing in a GoDaddy SSL certificate for your website or online store. Take advantage of huge savings by using a GoDaddy SSL certificate coupon or a GoDaddy SSL renewal coupon. Review Godaddy ssl before you buy!


Different Kinds of SSL Certificates And Their Usage


SSL is an abbreviation for secure socket layer. It is an internet related terminology which ensures that all information transmitted on the internet as well as those found on different websites are secured and protected. The SSL is a security protocol that uses some kind of codes to deploy secure means of transferring data when online.

There are many websites out there that specializes on web security that offers this kind of security protocol. The most common data security offered by different web security and protecting services providers  is the 128 bit encryption. As of the moment the minimum encryption required is 128 bit but it could also exceed and reach 256 bit. You must also be aware that as the encryption level escalates it also increases the level of protection it gives to your online data transmission. Prices may vary in terms of the level of encryption that you are going to purchase but the good thing is, since there are many people selling it you can be assured to find a cheap ssl cert. These certificates is a must if you want to make sure that the information transmitted during your online dealings are confide and secured,

There are certain data transmissions that must be kept private and secured hence the presence of ssl certificates is a must in this age of information and technology. Some of the services which require this kind of protection are bank account numbers, debit card numbers, a personal enterprise or government information and even social security numbers. . SSL certificates can be classified into four kinds. The following are the kinds of cheap ssl cert: shared, wildcard, free and dedicated.

The first type is the dedicated type of certificate which is designated under one particular domain. The most noticeable feature of this certificate is that it does not include protection of the sub domains and it can’t be shared as well but the good thing is it has high level of security on a particular domain, see full list here!

The next type is the shared certificate which is offered at a reasonable price. As the name suggest, the protection can be shared with one or more websites. This certificate is more prevalent to companies that offer web hosting to their clients. In addition, the name and the symbol of the website will not be seen as part of the certificate. Even though it can be shared it doesn’t mean that a website can go to another web host, it is for the reason that this certificate are not transferable.


Understanding SSL and Its Importance


SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificate is one of the very important tools to protect the sensitive information of your customers, thereby improving their confidence on your site. With the flooding of websites in the internet, it is very important that you secure your site, and by so doing, you are assuring your clients that your website is trustworthy and your business is legitimate. So, we are going to discuss here briefly how your website can be secured with the SSL certificates.

To allow data encryption on the internet, you need the protocol of a secure socket layers or SSL. This certificate establishes a secure connection between web browsers and servers, server to server and web based applications, thereby protecting your sensitive communications and information. There is therefore a secured transmission of data transfer, login credentials, social security numbers, credit cards and other information.

By securing an SSL certificate on your web server, there is a secured access with your domain name by using “https” code. Upon connection of the browser, it retrieves the SSL certificate and make sure that it is not beyond the date of expiry, has been issued by certificate authority and is used specifically for the purpose. The browser will show a warning message if your site fails for either of the mentioned above. There will be also some trust indicators that will appear if there is a successful login of your browser.

There are some instances of websites that would require SSL server certificates. This would apply to websites that has privacy and security requirements compliance, websites that receive orders through online and payments through credit cards, websites that need a login or sign in, and those websites that process information that are categorized as sensitive. Read here for godaddy ssl review!

There are some steps and a few preparations that are needed in order to purchase an SSL. One is to generate and save a CSR or certificate signing request to a text file on the server where it would enable the SSL. For those companies not managing their own websites, they will have to contact their provider of web hosting and ask them to request for a CSR. This should be done before a SSL can be requested.

It is important that you own the domain and you are authorized to get the certification. This done by purchasing a SSL certificate for the mentioned domain, and made sure that the name and address would match the WHOIS record vetted that makes the record of ownership and contact information or numbers base on what is listed on the domain. It is also advisable that you have a unique IP address. Get the promo codes today!